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About us

Specialised in the ecological cleaning of hotels, high schools, crèches, sports halls, factories, restaurants, administrative buildings, etc., our Raypath memory microfibres were awarded the 3rd prize for innovation at the Europropre show in Paris in 2019.

Based on our excellent reputation and the extremely positive feedback from people in the field who use our material on a daily basis, we decided to create a body care range based on the same philosophy: just water.

If you also attach great importance to your comfort and well-being and are, in addition, looking to optimise your expenses, then our articles could be interesting for you. In addition to the purely financial aspect, we are pleased to offer a method of caring for your body while reducing your ecological footprint.

We believe that genuine ecological solutions should not cost more than those that pollute. On the contrary! Thanks to our method, we are proud to say that waste reduction is a reality for anyone who has taken the step towards the Raypath concept.

Last but not least, the recognition and the great satisfaction of people using our material are also our source of motivation to continue to make people discover, inform and raise awareness of the existence of alternatives to traditional make-up removers and peeling products.

Your well-being and satisfaction are our constant compass.

Our products

Our body range has been designed to ensure that you can care for your skin with just water. It’s not the water that makes the miracle happen, but the quality of our microfibres that are out of the ordinary. Discover the concept of memory microfibres that will make your skin cleaner and more beautiful.

Features of our body range

You’ve known about microfibres for a long time. Now you can discover their advanced form: memory microfibres. They will allow you, just with water, to clean your skin in depth and thus make it cleaner, more beautiful and smoother.

Just with water

Only water is required to use our products.

Recyclable / Reusable

Our products are 100% recyclable and reusable

For all skin types

Our products are suitable for all skin types.

drapeau union europeee

Made in EU

Our products are manufactured in the European Union.

Our body range has been designed to help :

  • people with reduced mobility and/or those undergoing chemotherapy who cannot use soap
  • people with sensitive skin (acne, eczema, etc.)
  • all people who wish to have a perfect hygiene of their body
  • people who want to significantly reduce their ecological footprint by avoiding waste generation, polluting less wastewater and simply wasting less water
  • people who travel, camp and/or do any kind of sport

What our customers say

Personally, I really like the Face Glove. This little sponge is very practical as a make-up remover. Especially for the eye area, it doesn't sting. Moreover, it's a very natural product!

Giselle Duran

The Face Glove make-up remover sponge is really very effective! Everything comes off, even waterproof make-up. The other sponges in the range also give me full satisfaction.

Catena Maurici

I've been using the make-up remover sponge for over a year now and it works really well! Just with water, my face is really clean and deep. No more make-up remover milks that sting my eyes. In addition, combined with warm water before going to sleep, this sponge is very relaxing. It is very easy to maintain. Just clean it after use with the small natural soap..

ire Ne

Raypath microfibres: once you've tried them, you won't want to do without them! Try them and see for yourself.

Franca M

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